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A fiery spellbook that glows in the dark is the perfect way to pay homage to such a complex character.  We are pretty sure that Caleb would approve!     


There is nothing more annoying than digging through your bag trying to find the dice you need for a gaming encounter--wouldn't
you agree?  


The Omnia Gaming Pouch is everything you want and need as a gamer!


At only 6 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall, your Omnia is perfect for travel gaming. 


Slip it into your backpack, gaming satchel, or purse and go!


The Omnia features 8 inner, padded pockets perfect for holding dice--great for protecting metal and precious stone polyhedrals!  


Put a full set of 7 gaming dice into each pocket or use the pockets to separate your dice according to type. 


(Pssst... you can use one of the pockets to separate "cursed" dice from the rest of the others.)  


So convenient!  


Pockets can also be used to safely store and transport your standard size miniatures. 


In addition to being a very sturdy and portable piece of gaming equipment, the Omnia Gaming Pouch folds down to a rolling arena for your dice.  


Your Omnia Gaming Pouch features sturdy construction--


  • No exposed seams 
  • Double reinforced stitching 
  • All seams topstitched for maximum strength and longevity


Your Omnia Gaming Pouch is fully machine washable on Warm/Cold.  No special care needed!  




Poly-cotton blend fabrics

Woven drawstrings

Polyester padding

Caleb Widogast Inspired Omnia Gaming Pouch